Essay on Modern Medicine and Life Expectancy

Among the branches of science, the field of medicine has always benefitted man. Derived from the Latin word, medicina, which means the art of healing, medicine has helped man improve health conditions and cure diseases. Through the ages, with the development of science, healthcare too has improved and advanced to a great extent. Modern medicine in fact is believed to have the potential to not only find a solution for incurable diseases but also to increase the lifespan of humans.

As science progressed, improved medical tools were designed, pathbreaking discovering were made by medical research, advanced pharmaceutical drugs were invented and new forms of treatment were initiated. Hospitals became state of the art with the latest medical equipment and offered the best healthcare options. With the aid of advanced medical tools, it has become easier to detect and diagnose the cause of illness early. This helps in the right treatment given to the patient at the earliest, thus reducing the chances of fatal consequences.

Pharmaceutical research has made new strides in the development of medicinal drugs, which has further enhanced the quality of healthcare. Complicated surgeries are now being performed with ease. Most of the diseases have been found to be curable. So, we find lesser instances of deaths caused by small pox, tuberculosis and some forms of cancer. Even infant mortality rate or the number of deaths during childbirth has decreased due to the increase in gynaecological care. Heart operations have given new lives to people suffering from weakness of the heart. Transplants of vital organs have saved many lives. Medications have succeeded in increasing the lifespan of patients suffering from chronic diseases. Thus, modern medicine is adding more years to¬† a man’s life.

Modern medicine has however become an expensive proposition that may be still be inaccessible to the rural and uneducated masses. But what cannot be denied is the fact that modern medicine has helped in curing many diseases which were fatal and has given second chances to many who would not have survived without its help.