Essay on Library – The Temple of Knowledge

Library – The Temple of Knowledge

A library is a place where a collection of books is showcased. Libraries consist of all sorts of books which make them a reader’s paradise. The library offers innumerable books that we can go through in a calm atmosphere. In libraries that lends books, users can also take them home for a detailed perusal. A library is very important in every sphere of life as it disseminated knowledge.

Libraries are of many kinds – public, personal, academic, special and school libraries. Nowadays, with the advance of technology, libraries also contain audio and video CDs ,DVDs and ebooks. Many modern libraries have computer terminals where users can browse through the content available in the library.

A library usually consists of long rows of books separated by aisles, which allows users to go through the books easily. Tables and chairs and provided for the people who need to spend some time reading a book. A school library is essential for the welfare of the students.

Libraries, whatever kind they may be, are places where one can gain knowledge. If a teacher teaches you by instruction, the library is a medium for us to discover facts and new things on our own. The librarian, who maintains the library should be a helpful person who can guide the users through the vast resources in the library.

Every school should make an effort to construct a substantial library that caters to every need of their students. Libraries are temples of knowledge which all of us should visit and use in the right manner.