Essay on If I Were the Principal of a School

If I Were the Principal of a School

A school is a place where students come to worship and respect the elements of knowledge and get enriched in turn. The Principal is the head of the school whose responsibility it is to see that the school runs smoothly. He is like the captain who steers the ship of the school with the help of the other members of the staff.

If I were the Principal of a school, I would try my best to bring a healthy atmosphere in the school and be a role model for my students. Most of the rules and regulations of the school have become outdated and need changes.

The ‘wonted angst’ of the young students about the Principal is detrimental to the society. So, the first and foremost step in my advancement would be to establish a cordial camaraderie with the students so as to remove their fear of the Principal.

I would act with them in a friendly way so that they would trust me and open their hearts out to me and discuss their problems with me. I would take some classes whenever opportunity provided me. I would narrate to them stories with morals which would help them to grow up with good values.

I would also encourage my students to share their thoughts with their peers as well as their teachers who would guide them to the right path. Promoting a greater degree of personal interaction between the students and teachers would create a friendly atmosphere in the classroom, which in turn, would enhance learning.

I would appoint qualified teachers who would be genuine mentors, devoted to their profession. It is general rule that puerile nature wants to be in the playground. But the present scenario has shown children to be under strict tutelage within the four walls of the classroom.

I wish to expand the games sector of my school through which a child would be able to express his happiness and possess a longing for coming to school I would, of course, encourage extracurricular activities like drama, music, painting, creative writing.

Debate and elocution competitions would be held so that the budding talents could get the opportunity of blossoming. The excessive burden of books on the backs of the poor students make them resemble Atlas carrying the sky on his shoulders.

I would relieve them of that by reducing their syllabus. I would take the freedom of restricting examinations in all the classes and ensure the proper marking of the scripts. I would try my best to have a first rate library in my school where the works of all famous authors would be stored.

“Nothing can substitute the place of books. Almost any luxury should be sacrificed to this”. So a good library is of utmost importance in a school where the children can have access to good books to develop themselves. In my school, the first period of all the classes must start with Moral Science to help the students to develop their capabilities of differentiating right from wrong.

One thing that is the most important for the students is to be disciplined. Discipline means obedience to rules and regulations. To ensure that the teachers themselves have to observe discipline. I would be very strict about maintaining discipline in my school.

I would also take care to strengthen the parent – teacher committee and Alumni Association. I would have the school auditorium and gymnasium renovated. I would also set up an ultra-modern stadium in School. Today, Science and technology have brought about radical change in education. A literate now is virtually a computer literate.

Keeping that in mind, I would arrange for Computer classes as well as computer aided classes. I would also introduce smart classes so that students do not lag behind in this age of progress. Sometimes I would even visit the houses of my students to inform their parents how their children are faring and in the process I would also learn how my students keep themselves engaged at home.

If I get the opportunity of taking up the reins of running the school as a Principal, I would surely make these changes and implement many more progressive ideas for my school. The foundation of every state is the education of the students.

So I would definitely see that my school has a healthy environment that would contribute in creating genuine, pure, broad-minded and noble citizens.