Essay on If I Were a Millionaire

If I Were a Millionaire

It has been rightly said, ‘If wishes were horses, beggars would ride’. Yes, everybody has some wish or the other and he wants his wish to be fulfilled. It is wonderful to have wishes. Perhaps they might not come true but there is no harm in dreaming.

We all have heard about the entrepreneur Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world. His financial position makes me dream of being the possessor of such enormous wealth. Oh, what would happen if my wish took shape in reality and I truly become a millionaire?

If it ever happens, I would be overwhelmed and would definitely enjoy it, trying to fulfill my desires and dreams. First of all, I would think of my own self. I would like to enjoy all material comforts that I need. Next I would go for the wishes of my parents.

I would fulfill all their desires and take care of all their comforts. Then I would turn my attention towards those who are less fortunate than me. I have no qualms in enjoying some luxury for myself, if in turn I can do something for the less benefitted.

Hence my next step would be to help the poor. My wealth would never make me selfish and cruel, rather it would make me glad if I could do something worthwhile for the needy and the distressed. If I could bring a little bit of smile on those faces, I would be highly pleased. Man is a social animal. He has some duties towards the society.

So my first priority would be to provide food, shelter and clothing to the poor. A large number of people in our country hardly get two square meal a day, leave alone enjoying the comforts of life. I would invest a good portion of my money in setting up a hospital with all the modern amenities and good doctors who would treat the poor at a nominal fee and provide them with medicines at a very low cost.

Poor people have to suffer a lot as they neither can pay the high doctors’ fees, nor can they afford the costly medicines prescribed to them. I would also like to donate money to some social service organisations and NGOs who look after the elderly, orphans and specially-abled people. My next priority would be in the field of education.

I would like to make arrangements for scholarships for bright students who cannot avail the education they deserve due to dearth of money. Children are the future citizens of our country who would lead it to a better future. So proper education is a must for them. Setting up primary schools would also be in my wish list. A wealthy man can do much good in this world if the desire is there.

I shall try to spend my money for the welfare of the people of my country. I would distribute books and copies free of cost to those who deserve them. Another very important thing for sustaining life is, of course, water. Many people have no access to clean drinking water.

Social developments, such as the smooth functioning of hospitals and schools, rely on the availability of clean water. So I would like to make provision for the availability of clean drinking water, which indeed is the ‘carrier of life’.

I think it would be right for me to invest some money in the share market, so that it can multiply and create more wealth, and I can further stretch my helping hands to others. The best way to serve God is to serve His creatures. Thus a great amount of my money would be spent on improving the lot of my countrymen.

If I ever did get a chance to be a millionaire, these would be among the top priorities in the list of my expenditure. Unfortunately, in general, a person growing rich becomes liable to forget the plight of the less fortunate ones. But my motto would be to ‘live and let live’.

The agony of the less fortunate ones have always made my heart bleed for them, so besides thinking of my own comforts, I would always remain sensitive and sympathetic towards them.

I know that the government is doing much so that our countrymen get benefited in many ways. Yet much remains to be done. My efforts would be a small contribution in this regard. This would fill my heart with pleasure and satisfaction that I would cherish till the end of my life.