Essay on How Important Gadgets are in our Lives?

How Important Gadgets are in our Lives?

If we take a look around us today, we can see how far technology has crept into our lives and asserted its dominance over the way we live. Every household is provided with a television, a refrigerator, an air conditioner, mobile phones, and a video player. Most of these devices and gadgets have become such an integral part of our lives that we cannot imagine living without them. But are they really so important?

While electronic appliances like the mixer and washing machine reduce workload and save time, devices like television is primarily for our entertainment. Television especially is a ubiquitous commodity that is found virtually in every home. The obvious benefit one derives from it is using it for rarefactional and informational purposes. But in today’s technology driven world, people have become addicted to the idiot box. The television has ensnared us in such a way that it is nearly impossible to ignore it.

Computers were earlier considered to be hard to afford. But today, nearly everyone is hooked to the Net, thanks to affordable rates and reasonable speed. One cannot undermine their importance in today’s world. Even the Internet is inimitable for its range of uses. Increasingly, students have been using them for sourcing information. People stay connected, thanks to the Internet. Everything has become computer friendly. When used wisely, computers and the Internet serve many of our purposes.

Another gadget that has become utterly essential in our lives toady is the mobile phone. Today, nearly everyone is accessible thanks to the cell phone. Due to the immediate availability and widespread reach, the mobile phone has brought people a lot closer. It has helped people to stay in touch, to reach for help in emergencies and to trace missing persons. Like the computer and television, mobile phones are now deemed a necessity rather than a luxury.

These modern gadgets also have certain drawbacks like health hazards and effects on psychological or social growth. But their immense utility and necessity in today’s technological , developing world is a fact that cannot be denied.