Essay on How Can I Stop Waste Things in the House?

How Can I Stop Waste Things in the House?

We are lucky to live in a country where we have many things at our convenience. India is a country full of resources. However, we tend to be wasteful.

The most wasted commodity is water. People have a habit of leaving the taps open while brushing teeth or washing utensils. Lot of unused water is thrown into drains. Instead, it can be used in watering the plants. It is very common in our country that leaky pipes are used not repaired. Fresh water is precious, so it is not to be wasted. It is only a simple matter of shutting off a tap after use. I make sure I do this.

Electricity is other thing we waste most. Lights, fans, radios, and other appliances are kept on even when no one is using them. It make is a point to switch them off when I do not need them. It is just a mater of developing a habit of switching them off. Anyhow, not wasting electricity reduces the electric bill effectively. Thus, we do not have to pay for the electricity we do not use.

Another big wastage is food. Sometimes, excess food is thrown away. It is better to give it to needful. We sometimes also feed the stray animals from our leftover instead of wasting it by just throwing away in the garbage bin.

We also become very careless in spending money at times and buy new things which are not even required. We must understand the value of money and not overspend it in useless things.

Fuel is another important resource that we are wasting at a high rate. We must turn off our vehicles at traffic signals and be very careful in consumption of fuel.

We waste other things like paper. It has become an issue of worry as paper is made out of wood and for these lots of trees are being cut. This is harming our natural resources. Therefore, I try to use papers that can be recycled. Tissue paper is a common example of wastage of paper.

There are many other examples of wastage at home. All these cost money. In short, we waste the money we work so hard to earn. This can be controlled by a simple method of changing our habits. Use only what we need.

If each individual takes it as his own responsibility to stop wasting, indirectly he is saving our country’s resources. Collectively, the contribution of each citizen becomes big in saving resources by not wasting. Remember, charity begins at home.