Essay On Examinations Should Not Be Abolished

Examinations Should Not Be Abolished

School means studies and studies means examinations. For proper education and training of children examinations are imperative. They are the best means of assessing the progress of students. They are a part and parcel of a student’s life. Examinations should never be abolished.

Examinations have existed since education has and on the basis of the result of the examinations a student gets promoted to the next higher class. They give students a stimulus to study by rewarding them with prizes, scholarships and reputations, elevating those who prove that they have learnt the most.

Examinations are the only ways for teachers to get feedback from the students. They give the teachers an evaluation of the students’ learning capacity and a dynamic check on their progress during the course. Through examinations an assessment can be made of a student’s aptitude, potential and interest.

Examinations prove to be indicators of an individual’s competence level. There is no other way to judge a candidate’s ability and mental competence. Besides, over the years, the number of students have increased manifold. So has competition and competitions make a student work harder. Examinations maintain a constant pressure on the students and this ensures that they study seriously.

It builds a high sense of responsibility and enhances his ability to perform under pressure that will be useful to him in his future life. A student, while competing with his classmates, want to beat them by trying to do better than them. When a student knows that his hard work has paid off, he feels a self-satisfied. Examinations and tests require students to review their knowledge and study at home.

If they had only to listen to their teachers in the classroom and would not have to take examinations or assessment tests, they would not pay much attention to their lessons and the efforts of the teachers would go down the drain. With examinations approaching, students learn and revise their subjects outside their classes to get good grades, which results in a much wider and deeper understanding of the things learnt. Examinations are not an end in themselves.

They provide training to one to face life as it comes. A student learns to face phobia and conquer it through examinations. The fear of examinations makes a student work harder. In today’s life, especially in this information age, pressure is a constant problem. Examinations are away for the students to feel the pressure and find a way to get over it. This early practice can also benefit the student by learning to control worry and nervousness in important situations.

Examinations are definitely a good way to provide students with skills to be ready for future life. On the other hand, standardized examinations are getting reformed, reflecting well the progress made by the education system and giving better comparisons between students.

Therefore students are required to learn and revise subjects in order to get good grades. As a result, they delve wider and deeper into their subjects. It is necessary to cultivate a healthy competitive atmosphere in schools. Modern life is full of temptation and students are easily distracted.

That is why some external pressure is needed that will force them to sit down with their books for at least some time. Examinations fulfill that task. Examinations are necessary for the students themselves and helps them understand if they have actually been able to grasp the essence of a particular subject.

Examinations are held to test the students’ ability to check up on the work they have done during a term and the progress they have made. If there were no examinations, the merits of different students could not be judged, nor would the majority of the students show interest in their studies.

Moreover, in the field of employment, the employer requires all to produce the proof of their academic and professional qualifications, or else, it would be impossible for them to select the right candidates for particular jobs.

If there were no examinations, no criterion could be fixed. In the absence of achievement certificates, the selectors would be like the proverbial blind man describing the elephant.

Examinations are a must. We cannot deny the benefits of examinations. Therefore, examinations’ crucial role in our education system is very important. It should never be abolished.