Essay on Equality in Education

Equality in Education

Education is a process by which knowledge, value systems and principles are taught. It is highly imperative that everyone is educated as an educated society results in the welfare and development of the country. We may assume that everyone of us has an equal opportunity to get educated but it is not often so.

Though every child has a right to get education, the statistics prove otherwise. Children belonging to lower economic strata or tribal regions do not have access to education. Schools in villages and tribal areas are not often fully equipped with teachers or are not fully utilized as many people belonging to these regions do not consider education necessary. Hence, the primary objective of the government is to create awareness among people and inspire everyone to learn to read and write. In such areas, even adults are illiterate which leads to their indifferent attitude towards children’s education. Therefore, adult literacy is an equally important aspect in establishing equality in education.

Age, caste, region, economic background are some of the reasons for inequality in education. Another bias that is often shown is against girls. In some areas of the country, educating a girl child is considered a waste of time. People coming from a lower economic background or a lower caste face greater opposition and lack of facilities in getting educated. These are some of the key problems that lead to inequality in education.

Sarva Sshiksha Abhiyan is a programme undertaken by the Indian Government which aims at providing primary education to all children. It concentrates especially on the needs of the girl child, the children belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and children who are disabled or have special needs.

Most of us who live in cities may take our education for granted. Let us take time to pause and think about the many unfortunate children and adults who have no access to education or are denied the right to learn. We must take every opportunity to help a person in need of education as this is the only way that our country will progress forward.