Essay on Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

Man depends on nature for his many needs. The abundant resources of Earth helped mankind for ages. But man’s greed and harmful activities have taken a toll on the environment. Man has not spared air, water, land and even other species for fulfilling his needs.

Pollution has become one of the major environmental issues. With an increase in motor, air and rail traffic, noxious fumes have spoiled the very air we breathe. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane that are released during deforestation or burning of fossil fuels such as coal or oil, are the causes of global warming which can result in increase in sea level, adverse weather conditions and melting of glaciers. Ozone depletion, which can lead to dangerous consequences like skin cancers, isĀ  another cause of concern caused by chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) commonly found in refrigerators and solvents.

Over population is the culprit in cases of water and land pollution. Water is polluted by humans in several ways. Oil spills, sewage disposal in fresh water bodies, throwing garbage in beaches are all causes of water pollution. The impurities that seep into water not only kill the plants and organisms residing in water but also spell harm to the humans who use the water for drinking purposes. Land pollution too has caused the gradual extinction of several flora and fauna that are deprived of their natural habitat. As man cuts down forests, major ecosystems are wiped out.

The list of environmental issues is endless as nature is a huge web of organisms and elements that are interdependent. Poaching, extinction of species, destruction of habitats have all contributed to the decline of the different animal and plant species that inhabit out world. As man battles the aftereffects of the unwanted results of his actions, many organizations like Greenpeace and World Wide Fund for Nature have risen to the occasion and are contributing their bit in saving the environment.

Man has used and abused the many blessings of Nature. It is time for us to realise that harming Nature in any way is ultimately going to harm us.