Essay on Environment We Live In

Environment We Live In

The environment is the natural surroundings that we live in. Natural surroundings include, plants, deserts, forests, animals, lakes, oceans, rivers, mountains, sky, and so on. We are also a part of it. The survival of humans is based on nature. In fact, we are completely dependent on environment and its natural resources.

We live on earth and it is full of natural resources. Humans are using and exploiting, the environment for its own use. We don’t realize that if we keep exploiting it, we will have to pay a very high price.

Many living beings are dependent on forests. These forests are being destroyed by cutting down of the trees. This is affecting the animals, which depend on them for food and shelter. This further disturbs the food chain. In addition, soil is loosening and erosion has become a great problem.

Lakes and river is another natural resource on which lives of many living beings are dependent. These rivers are drying up. Rivers are a major resource of water. If there is no water, many animals, humans, and factories are affected. Animals for which rivers are the natural habitat are dying.

Drying up of lakes and rives also affect the rains largely. These rains then affect the crops and vegetation. Rivers and lakes are also being polluted by many industries and factories. This pollution results in many animals dying.

Deserts are affected as humans are encroaching on them for many reasons. In the name of development, many factories, buildings, etc are been made. Mountains too are being destroyed to make the roads and path on them. This results in land sliding sometimes.

Animals contribute greatly to the food chain. Few species of animals are extinguishing because of destruction of forests, rivers, deserts, etc.

It has been seen that we are polluting our environment largely. Air pollution is done by the industries, and vehicles. Water pollution is done by humans and the factories they set up. Noise pollution also disturbs the surroundings. In some of the other way, we are taking too much form our environment but giving back very less to it. We are taking our environment for granted.

Man has now begun to realize the importance of preserving our nature and protect our environment. Measures are being taken by the government and many NGOs. Killing of the wildlife and cutting down of trees are prohibited. Slowly, man is making effort to protect the environment, we live in.