Essay on Education without Teachers

Education without Teachers

Can you imagine being in a classroom and learning something new but without the presence of a teacher? This is not an imaginative dream but a scenario that is becoming increasingly possible thanks to the development of technology and software. E-learning or online learning is a new field where education is imparted with the help of electronic devices and programs.

A teacher is a knowledgeable person who has experience, aptitude and skill. Students have the advantage of physical interaction with the teacher who can even clear their doubts. But as technology advanced and the spread of Internet widened, students have found a new way of learning. They have discovered that learning by themselves is also an option. The Internet has an answer to every question they have. Learning online helps a student not only in developing their research skills but also teachers them the importance of self learning.

Many universities and institutions in foreign countries provide online courses thus enabling students from far off places to study without the hassle of travel or time limits. Virtual classrooms connect teachers and students who are at different places. The usage of computers and technology does not necessarily mean the elimination of a teacher.

What cannot be overlooked is the fact that teachers are an important and key component in education. A teacher not only gives us knowledge but teachers us life skills and values, which a computer never can. Computers are definitely paving the way of providing learning opportunities to everyone. Teachers should welcome this new development and become tech savvy in order to progress.

Computers and technology have revolutionized the way we think and learn. E-learning is a new technology that will slowly envelop the world of education but let us hope that it will not obliterate the teachers who have been and will be the guiding lights for millions of students.