Essay on Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Every year, school children wait for one day eagerly. It is not a festival yet it is a celebration – a celebration of childhood and children. On the 14th of November each year, India celebrates Children’s Day. It is a day dedicated to the innocence, promise and potential of childhood. This day has a special significance as it has been formed on the birthday of a prominent personality, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Also known as Bal Diwas, Children’s Day is celebrated throughout the country as a token of the love that Nehru had for children. Nehru was a brilliant and kind boy who completed his education in England. After returning to India, he took part in India’s struggle for freedom. He was a supporter and follower of Mahatma Gandhi. After India gained Independence, he became the first Prime Minister of the country.

Apart from his political and literary achievements, Nehruji was also known for his intense love for children and roses. He adored children and their innocence . He often compared them to a tender rosebud. He believed that children held the key to the future of the nation. Hence, it was utterly essential that children were allowed the freedom to grow and learn. His belief in them, his love for them and his affectionate nature earned him the epithet ‘Chacha Nehru’ (Uncle Nehru) from children.

Therefore, it is fitting that a day for children is celebrated on the day of Nehruji’s birth. On this day, students get a break from classes as schools organize various events to commemorate the occasion. There are many cultural programmes with teachers and students participating equally. Chocolates or sweets are distributed among children. Children love this day as it gives them complete freedom to enjoy and have fun. But there are many children who do not have the same comforts and pleasures. This day remains us to think of the downtrodden and unfortunate ones and try to make a difference to their lives.

Children’s Day is not only an occasion to remember a great Indian personality but also a time to cherish and celebrate childhood. It is a day to celebrate children, who are the future citizens of our nation.