Essay on Caught In A Storm

Caught In A Storm

One fine day, my friends decided to play a football match. While we were playing, it suddenly became cloudy. Black clouds gathered above us but I was eager to finish the game. I hoped that the clouds would go away in a while and we could continue playing.

Suddenly, it started raining with thunder and lightning. My friends ran back to their homes. I had come on my bicycle. I quickly unlocked it and started cycling towards my home. But within a few seconds, I was all wet. I stopped and ran towards a large tree and parked my bicycle there. It provided some shelter from the rain and I remained under it. However, I knew that it was dangerous to stay under a tree during a thunderstorm. Therefore, I got on our bicycle and started again.

It was getting tough to drive in the heavy rain. I could not see anything in front of me except for water. A car flashed past me. It was too close and I struggled for balance. Perhaps, the driver has not seen me. I thought it was better to stop somewhere for my own safety. Therefore, I again made a stop. This time I took shelter under a bus stop.

It was getting darker and darker and the rain was not stopping. Many people had taken shelter at the bus stop. Soon, this place got overcrowded and water started collecting there too. I was frightened as I had never seen this before. My home was quiet far away. There was a river nearby which was overflowing with rainwater. The water started flowing onto the road.

It was late evening. It was also getting cold and I was feeling hungry too. I looked around but obviously, there was nothing except for rain and water. I had no choice but to wait for the rain to slow down or stop. There was hardly any space for more people to stand at the stop. I felt so helpless. Everyone was a stranger and I could not seek anyone’s help. I was feeling sleepy too.

Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name. It was a ray of hope for me. I looked around and saw that my parents had come looking for me. I waved to them. With great difficulty, my father came through the crowd. He held my hand and the bicycle and took me out of the crowd. He thanked God that I was safe.

Finally, the rain slowed down. It was just drizzling and the wind had died down. I could still hear distant thunder. We put the bicycle on the roof of the car and got inside it and drove home. I was happy to reach home safely and had a hot cup of coffee. I could never forget this incident.