Essay on A Visit to The Zoo

A Visit to The Zoo

One fine morning, my father decided to take me to the zoological park. I was excited for the visit as I would be seeing some different creatures which we usually don’t get to see in our day to day life. These creatures can either be seen in the forests or such regions that a man cannot reach easily. Therefore, zoo is a convenient place to see them.

Before entering the zoo, we bought tickets. As we entered, there was a big map showing various parts of the zoo, directions to those parts, and other information about the place. This was a great help to the visitors.

On proceeding, we came across the cages one by one. It was fun watching various animals like lion, leopards, panthers, kangaroos, bears, deer, rhinoceroses, ostriches, cranes, tigers, etc. in their cages. They could be seen sleeping, wandering or eating. Every cage carried a signboard outside, mentioning few details about the animals like, its scientific name, its breed, its eating habits and the places where it is found in abundance, etc. This was quite informative.

It was an amazing experience to see two cubs playing with each other, while the lioness taking a nap. The elephant amused the visitors by playing with water and throwing it on them through his trunk. The monkey seemed to be very happy and was seen jumping from one three to another. The children were thrilled to see a crocodile making its way in and out of water.

The other section in the zoo had high cages for birds of all kinds. One can see such varieties of birds only in the zoo. Colourful birds of all sizes could be heard making all sorts of noises as the visitors came near them. We were glad to see peacocks dancing merrily. Few species of birds amongst them were brought from different countries.

We rested for a while, as by then, we had walked quite enough. We saw the caretakers carrying food for the animals and feeding them. The animals were happy to see the caretakers and ate their food.

There was a big aquarium too, in which there were varieties of fish. I had never seen so many fishes. They were so many varieties that I could not keep a count. They were of different colours, shapes and sizes. Some of them were harmful too. Apart from the fish, we also saw a number of snakes slithering along the ground and hanging on trees. With this, our visit came to an end.

It was evident that the animals could express themselves. It was a different world that I had visited that day. It left a long lasting impression on my mind. With a strong desire to be of some help to these creatures, I returned with a thought of making an effort to preserve those animals species which are getting extinct.