Essay on A Visit To The Market

A Visit To The Market

Last Sunday, I accompanied my mother to the central market to buy things that she needed for Diwali.

When we arrived at the market, the whole market was well decorated and illuminated. All the shopkeepers had decorated their shops beautifully to welcome the customers.

Coming to the market just before a festive season was not a pleasant experience. The whole town seemed to be there. Everyone had to buy something or the other. Therefore, the prices of most commodities were quite high. We made our way carefully through various sections buying lights, diyas, decorative items, rangoli, flowers, etc. We also bought lots of sweets and other food stuff.

It was a crowded market. There were many street hawkers on both sides of the street. They were shouting and approaching us with requests to buy their stuff. It was getting difficult for us to avoid them.

The shopping bags we were carrying got heavier and heavier. So my mother asked me to stand at a corner with the bags. She instructed me not to move or talk to strangers. The crowd got thicker and thicker. Standing at the corner. I was observing the market. The noise and heat was increasing. I observed many parents facing difficulties in pacifying their children who were getting impatient in the crowded market.

In the market, I noticed ladies who were hurrying up as it was getting late. Some people were bargaining while others were just looking at things and moving on. There were so many fancy things that were attracting me. I was waiting for my mother to come. Soon she came with some more bags in her hands. I told her about the things that I wanted to buy.

We then moved on to the other street. From there, we bought a few gifts to be given to our family and friends on Diwali. Then we came to the street that was full of food outlets. We had some snacks and fresh juice. This made us feel fresh and energetic. We then went to see other shops selling decorative items. We bought different types of lamps and lights, artificial flowers, and many other things.

As we were almost done with all the shopping, we started walking towards our car. On the way too, my mother kept buying small stuff which she liked. We had so many bags with us that we couldn’t hold them all together. We kept the bags in the car and started driving back home. It took us a long time to get out of the market as we got stuck in a traffic jam.

My mother and I were completely exhausted. On reaching home, we breathed a sigh of relief.