Essay on A Visit To The Dentist

A Visit To The Dentist

I suffered from a severe toothache last week. It got worse through the night and I had to take a pinkiller to lessen the pain. Yet I could not sleep the whole night and so was the case with my parents. They were worried about my health.

The next morning, we called up the dentist and took an appointment. I had to skip school that day. My parents took me to the dentist. I was horrified, but I had no choice.

At nine o’clock , we waited outside the dentist’s clinic. The nurse came and opened the door. I was the first patient. She wrote down my particulars and told me to wait for some time. The dentist had not arrived yet. Meanwhile, the tooth still gave me a lot of pain.

As soon as the dentist arrived, I was summoned into his cabin while my parents waited outside. I sat down on the reclining chair and opened my mouth. The dentist asked me about the troubling tooth and I pointed it out to him. The dentist switched on his head torch and peeped inside my mouth. The condition seemed to be bad.

After examining it, he concluded that the pain was in the molars. He switched on his x-ray machine take an x-ray and the process was complete in a few seconds. It was painful to keep the mouth open for long.

The dentist kept reassuring me so I was a little relaxed. He consulted my father for further treatment. I was horrified to know that a surgery would be required to get rid of the troublesome tooth. But my parents asked me to be brave. The surgery began soon.

I felt a slight prick of pain when the dentist gave me an injection, but that was nothing in comparison to the toothache. But soon the pain ceased. The anesthesia definitely worked very quickly. I was again frightened to see the dentist’s appliances that included drills and pliers. Then before I knew it, the dentist told me that I could go. I gave him a puzzled look and he told me that he had already pulled out the tooth. It was like a miracle for me because I did not even feel it.

The dentist put a wad of cotton over the wound and told me to keep my mouth shut for a while. That day, he sent me back home with painkillers and a few antibiotics. I nodded, smiled and went towards the waiting room where my parents were waiting for me. The visit to the dentist was not that bad after all.