Essay on A Visit To an Airport

A Visit To an Airport

It was my first visit to the airport. I was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai by air. I was very excited about my first flight. I knew it was going to be a short journey of two hours. However, I never thought that sitting and waiting for my flight would be that interesting. My flight was delayed by two hours and all I had to do was to wait at the airport.

On reaching the airport, our tickets were checked at the gate and we were allowed to go inside. Only those people were allowed inside who were travelling by flight that day. Our baggage was then checked thoroughly through the x-ray machine. Some people were asked to step aside as they were carrying objectionable things like scissors, knives, etc. They were further checked. Our luggage was then checked at the airline’s counter. There I learnt that there was a restriction on the weight of the luggage too. We were then given the boarding pass. I kept looking around as this was all new to me.

Now, our hands were free of luggage and we proceeded to the ‘Security Check’ counter. We were thoroughly checked by the police and the guards. The passengers were also asked to keep their cell phones and laptops on x-ray machine. I was amazed by the tight security on the airport. The details of flight schedules were displayed at various places on big screens.

There was a big waiting lounge with lots of chairs. The place had several modes of entertainment all around. There were huge television screens, play area for kids, a big cafeteria, and handicraft shop and so on. I could see people reading books, some were taking a nap while some others were listening to music. I was amused by all this. I started with a good meal at the food court. It was delicious and hygienic. Then , I headed for some window shopping. I loved the handicraft section. It was full of items made from recycled material. I thought it was a good idea to preserve the environment.

At intervals, I could hear announcements informing people about the arrival, departure or delay of a flight. There were long queues at many places and I could also see people rushing around trying to catch their flight. Soon, there was an announcement regarding the boarding of my flight. I walked towards the designated gate. There was a long queue too. We were then asked to sit in a bus which took us to the aeroplane. It was amazing to see huge aeroplanes parked in the hanger. There were truck trolleys which were carrying luggage to the aircraft.

I boarded my plane for the journey keeping in mind the interesting scene at the airport.