Essay on A Visit To a Museum

A Visit To a Museum

A museum is a place where old and rare historical things are collected and kept. These things are preserved to restore the cultural values associated with them. The purpose of keeping these things in the museum is to educate people about the ancient time. Almost every city has a museum. Recently, I had an opportunity to visit a museum which is rich with ancient artefacts.

It was a huge museum divided into many sections. The first section was in the lobby, where various types of dresses worn by ancient people were displayed. It was amazing to see the variety of headgears that people used in early times. Their attire was very different from what we wear today. I also saw heavily embroidered dresses that were worn by the kings and queens. They seemed very heavy and expensive. But they looked elegant. I imagined myself in the king’s attire and felt very proud. I kept admiring them until I reached the other section.

This section contained arms and ammunitions that were used in ancient times during famous wars and battles. There were bows, sheaths, armours, clubs, helments and swords that had been used by warriors. I saw a variety of swords and knives that were of different shapes and sizes. They were made of metals such as silver, bronze, copper and iron. The scabbards were adorned with beautiful stones that reflected the unique craftmanship of ancient times. It was quite interesting to see the striking contrast between modern weapons and those used in the past.

The other section led us through the life of people of ancient times. It was displayed with essential articles such as utensils, pots, vessels, and coins. This section also included ornaments worn by men and women of earlier times. I could only admire at those ornaments that included necklaces, bangles and rings. The pottery collection was also amazing. These articles reflected the creativity of the people of ancient times.

There were many other things in the museum like old manuscripts containing lots of information about medicine, astronomy and astrology. Also , the paintings of the Mughal era depicted several important events. There were some musical instruments that are not seen presently. I also saw a variety of carpets, rugs, chandeliers and lamps that seemed expensive and were brought from other countries by the kings.

The last section displayed the bones and skeletons of animals that lived in those times. It also included the remains of those species that have become extinct today.

I considered the visit to the museum very fruitful. I got to understand the history of my country better. I also learnt about the cultural traditions and lifestyle of people living in ancient times.