Essay on A Visit To a Hill Station

A Visit To a Hill Station

During the summer vacations, we decided to visit Nainital, one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. It was a long awaited visit for us, as we were looking forward since long to enjoy the land of nature. We found the air quite fresh and cool in Nainital.

The day started with a blissful morning as we witnessed the beautiful sunshine touching the peaks of hills and mountains. The sunshine made them look remarkable. After breakfast, we began our day with a visit to a nearby lake. It was a visual delight. The water of the lake looked crystal clear and free from pollution. The area around the lake was beautiful and surrounded with green trees.

The thrill and excitement was at its peak as we started boating in the lake. the water was cold. We could see a lot of ducks swimming together in the water. It was pleasurable sight.

Next, we decided to go the hill top through the ropeway and reach the echo point. We got a chance to enjoy sports like sharing, skiing and trekking. We enjoyed them and soon it was time for us to come back to the hotel. However, before that, we got an opportunity to see the sunset. The scenic beauty was its fullest during this time. The slanting rays of the sun made their way through the leaves of tall trees that stood high on the mountains. I just wanted to capture this moment in my mind forever.

As night progressed, the place became quiet and peaceful. We could hear the sound of insects. In the dark night, the beauty of the lake was retained by its still water and the reflections of the moon in it.

The next day, we decided to roam around and see what the place had to offer. There were lots of other beautiful spots to see. We saw a number of birds and animals. Some of them looked so beautiful and unique. They seemed happy roaming around in the jungles and among the tall trees. The houses were specially designed and looked different.

Nainital is not just beautiful, but it is also pollution free to an extent. The green, shining leaves of the trees and the clear water of the lakes were an example of this. But with the influx of tourists, the beauty of this place is now being used for commercialization. The forest areas are being cleared for construction of hotels and shopping complexes. As we were on our way back with delightful memories of this place, our only concern was the gradual decline of the original beauty of the place.

The visit to Nainital was a great experience for us. We felt refreshed and energetic after the visit.