Essay on A Beach Scene

A Beach Scene

‘What is this life if full of care
We have no time to stand and stare?”

These lines of W.H. Davies immediately came into my mind when I visited the Puri beach during my Durga Puja vacation. Indeed, what worth is our life if we have no time to admire God’s beautiful creations?

A picturesque beach on the shore of a sea, made up of sand with the waters of the sea lashing on it, is a pleasant and wonderful sight. It is really great to stand among the sea-shells and watch the lovely waves pounding the shore. I had never, first hand, seen a sea beach before and I was really overjoyed. Such a marvelous place it is!

The beach was crowded with people, including foreigners who came from different places of the globe to enjoy the beauty here. Travelers and tourists all over the world are attracted to the beaches. Whenever people get a chance to travel, the majority of them do not miss the opportunity to visit a seashore. The beauty of a sea beach cannot really be depicted in words.

The day we reached Puri, it was already evening. So we decided to head straight to our hotel and view the sunrise the next day. Early in the morning, we reached the beach with great excitement. It was glorious. I held my breath and looked towards the horizon. Across the sea, a sliver of brilliant red crested the sky. Hues of lavender, rose and amber began to pulsate beyond the sea. High above, in the soft blue background, a lone star still sparkled. The sea rippled with a silvery cascade. All was quiet. Suddenly, the curve of a brilliant sun burst through. The world began to awaken. The soft hues turned bright in the early dawn. The lone star faded away. I was reluctant to leave the amphitheater of sunrise that I found so soothing.

With daybreak, people started coming to the beach. The number of people increase exponentially as the day advanced. Children loitered around excitedly. Some started collecting shells and some played games. A few built sand castles. Children and adults merrily threw balls and frisbees hither and thither, occasionally hitting other people with it, but no one complained. Fishermen were seen towing their boats out into the sea.

Gradually started entering the crystal clear water with great enthusiasm and some plunged deeper into the sea. The view of the sea stretched to the horizon, a rippling sheet of blue water, dazzling and brilliant, but blinding where it caught the sun. The view was unmatched and filled out hearts with joy. We soaked in the beauty of the environment. I flung my shoes on the sand and, screaming gleefully, ran to the water. Ankle deep was the farthest I could go owing to the presence of a strong undercurrent.

Hawkers dotting the beach were selling their wares. Many people were seen buying green coconuts to savour the taste of the sweet water in it. The vast and beautiful sea, danced under the mellow of the early dawn. We spent the whole day at the beach without an iota of boredom. As evening descended, it was time for the sunset.

The two most wondrous things that attract people to the beach are the sunrise and the sunset. The brilliant red rays of the sun sparkled on the water when the sun rose. Now, with the setting sun, it seemed to be sinking right into the sea. Both of them are intensely captivating sights. As evening came, the crowd began to thin down. We too started for our hotel. Along the beach, a number of shops and stalls were selling sea-shells and couches. These shops remained crowded. As we looked back on the distant waves, we could hear the murmur and roar of the sea. The unmatched experience filled our hearts deeply.

As we moved away from the clean beach with the calm sea, I murmured Bob Dylan’s song –

‘Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky
Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands.
With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves.’

The unparalleled experience was etched into my heart forever and I was really sad when it was time to depart.