Elements of western culture have had a very influential role on cultures of the world. How are these elements different from those of Indian culture? What according to you, should we as Indians adopt from the west to make life more meaningful?

The sparks of western culture are visible in every atom of the world today. It has become a global village with a revolution in the communication and travel sciences. Almost every day proves to be a new day with some sort of new inventions and the western culture acts as a strong bond to scatter such inventions and ideas around the world. Sometimes in this scientific world, all of us behave like robots. We eat, drink and think alike and English has even become our universal language.

We prefer English songs to our traditional folks and we have given up our traditional style of dress and entertainment. At times, the difference is so much that we lose our identity and look alike in a group. In our attempts to become cool and trendy, we have lost our individuality. Though we follow everything that the western people do, we fail to follow that is good in them.

Why should we not adopt the punctuality and discipline of western culture? Most of us have a tendency to violate traffic rules and spoil our environment. We should learn from the west how to keep our roads and houses clean. We simply have lost our aesthetic sense and have little respect for our girls and women.

Instead of looking down at them, we should give due respect to women and children and encourage them to lead their lives according to their own wishes and not to let their aspirations suppressed.

We should forget all gender bias and caste discrimination to build a free society. Instead of blindly following the western culture, we should inculcate only those values in our culture which are good for us without sacrificing our moral values.

There is much to learn from space technology and scientific inventions. Dedication and devotion to work is another aspect of their culture which could make our life a highly achievement-oriented phenomenon.

People in our villages are still blindly following superstitions and are trapped in the whims of quacks. It needs a revolution at a massive scale and the government must frame a policy to give them opportunities to pull them out of the clutches of social evils. Such attempts will certainly make India a better country- a country of our dreams.