Cloud Services and Deployment Models Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Question 1 : A public cloud is defined by ?

(a) Portability
(b) Ownership
(c) Storage size
(d) Accessibility

Answer : (a) Portability

Question 2 : One of the following is not a characteristic of the public cloud.

(a) Homogenous resources
(b) Multi-tenancy
(c) Economies of scale
(d) Heterogeneous resources

Answer : (d) Heterogeneous resources

Question 3 : One of the following is true about the on-premise private cloud.

(a) High standardized process
(b) Also referred to as the internal cloud
(c) High scalability
(d) High level of security

Answer : (c) High scalability

Question 4 : IGT Cloud is an example of 

(a) Public cloud
(b) Private cloud
(c) Hybrid cloud
(d) Community cloud

Answer : (d) Community cloud

Question 5 : The composite data together with its associated metadata which are grouped as web-based resources is called

(a) File
(b) Object
(c) Block
(d) Dataset

Answer : (b) Object

Question 6 : Cloud storage device mechanism provide standard logical classes of data storage known as 

(a) Cloud storage stages
(b) Cloud storage blocks
(c) Cloud storage levels
(d) Cloud storage steps

Answer : (c) Cloud storage levels

Question 7 : Eucalyptus is an example of

(a) PaaS cloud
(b) Private cloud
(c) IaaS cloud
(d) SaaS cloud

Answer : (c) IaaS cloud

Question 8 : Identify the odd out of the following:

(a) Cloud storage driver
(b) Resource replication
(c) Resources aggregation
(d) Cloud usage monitor

Answer : (c) Resources aggregation

Question 9 : A ready-made environment is a peculiar component of 

(a) On-premise IaaS
(b) PaaS
(c) SaaS
(d) Out-sourced IaaS

Answer : (b) PaaS

Question 10 : Examples of a ready-made environment pre-installed cloud resources are all of the following except

(a) Middleware
(b) Databases
(c) Development tools
(d) Resource agents

Answer : (d) Resource agents

Question 11 : The smallest unit of data and the lowest level of storage is called

(a) Objects
(b) Dataset
(c) Block
(d) Files

Answer : (c) Block

Question 12 : A virtual server uses a combination of all of the following for identification except

(a) Host name
(b) Password
(c) IP address
(d) Port number

Answer : (b) Password

Fill in the Blanks

Question 1 : …………. are the basic foundational building blocks of the cloud computing environments.

Answer : Cloud infrastructure mechanisms

Question 2 : Network devices can be used to establish …………

Answer : logical network perimeter

Question 3 : ……………. is being used to isolate the network environment within the data center infrastructure.

Answer : Virtual network

Question 4 : Service interoperability involves the ability of cloud users to access their unique set of data provisioned services from multiple cloud providers via a ……………….

Answer : unified management interface

Question 5 : Cloud users may use …………………… to design, implement, test and deploy their own self-tailored applications and services within a cloud.

Answer : ready-made environments

Question 6 : A …………………. is a processing program (module) that harvests usage data via event-driven communications with esoteric resources software.

Answer : resource agent

Question 7 : A monitoring agent is a mediating, event-driven program that functions as a service agent and occupies existing communication paths to ensure a clear and apparent monitoring and analysis of ………………………

Answer : dataflows

Question 8 : ………………… are mostly used to estimate message metrics and the network traffic.

Answer : Monitoring agents

Question 9 : The ………………. mechanism is an autonomous and lightweight software application that is responsible for harvesting and processing the usage data of compute IT resource.

Answer : cloud usage monitor

Question 10 : ………………… may set in if multiple virtual servers are concurrently running on a physical machine.

Answer : Resource hogging

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