Cloud Computing Technologies , Platforms and Services Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Question 1 : YARN is an acronym for ?

(a) Yet Another Resource Negotiator
(b) Yet Another Resource Navigator
(c) Yet Another Resource Negotiator
(d) Yet Again Resource Navigator

Answer : (a) Yet Another Resource Negotiator

Question 2 : Which of the following is not a component of the OpenStack cloud platform?

(a) Nova
(b) Keystone
(c) Neutron
(d) Walrus

Answer : (d) Walrus

Question 3 : Which is open source data query system?

(a) Walrus
(b) Hive
(c) Pig
(d) Glance

Answer : (b) Hive

Question 4 : Which Hadoop tool also provides support for a columnar database?

(a) HDFS
(b) Pig
(c) Hive
(d) HBase

Answer : (d) HBase

Question 5 : Which component is responsible for providing simple storage service in Eucalyptus cloud platform?

(a) Cluster Controller
(b) CLC
(c) Walrus
(d) Node Controller

Answer : (c) Walrus

Question 6 : Which of the following is an open source cloud platform?

(a) Eucalyptus
(b) Amazon EC2
(c) Google App Engine
(d) Azure

Answer : (a) Eucalyptus

Question 7 : MPI stands for?

(a) Massively Parallel Interconnect
(b) Message Passing Interface
(c) Message Passing Interconnect
(d) Mostly Parallel Interface

Answer : (b) Message Passing Interface

Question 8 : MapReduce is a liner programming model.

(a) True
(b) False

Answer : (a) True

Question 9 : Which component of Eucalyptus is similar to AWS EBS (Elastic Block Storage)?

(a) Node Controller
(b) Cloud Controller
(c) Storage Controller
(d) Walrus

Answer : (c) Storage Controller

Question 10 : Which component of the OpenStack cloud is responsible for creating the virtual networks?

(a) Nova
(b) Glance
(c) Keystone
(d) Neutron

Answer : (d) Neutron

Fill in the Blanks

Question 1 : The master node is called ……………… and it controls the operation of data whereas the slave nodes are called ………….. .

Answer : NameNode and DataNode

Question 2 : Dryad considers computation tasks as ………….. .

Answer : Direct Acyclic Graphs

Question 3 : Dryad LINQ compiles …………. to Dryad jobs.

Answer : LINQ programs

Question 4 : ……………… is a service of OpenStack that discovers, registers and retrieves virtual machine languages.

Answer : Glance

Question 5 : ……………. and …………… are both open source frameworks for creating scalable machine learning algorithm and data mining library in Hadoop.

Answer : Apache Mahout and Apache MLib

Cloud Computing Questions and Answers