Cloud Computing Architecture Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Question 1 : Which of these techniques is vital for creating cloud computing centers?

(a) Virtualization
(b) Transubstantiation
(c) Cannibalization
(d) Insubordination

Answer : (a) Virtualization

Question 2 : Which of the following cloud concept is related to pooling and sharing of resources?

(a) Polymorphism
(b) Abstraction
(c) Virtualization
(d) None of the mentioned

Answer : (c) Virtualization

Question 3 : Which of the architectural layer is used as front end in cloud computing?

(a) Cloud
(b) Soft
(c) Client
(d) All of the mentioned

Answer : (c) Client

Question 4 : Tick the correct statement 

(a) Cloud architecture can couple software running on virtualized hardware in multiple locations to provide an on-demand service.
(b) Cloud computing relies on a set of protocols needed to manage inter process communications.
(c) Platforms are used to create more complex software.
(d) All of the above.

Answer : (d) All of the above.

Question 5 : What are the two traits of cloud computing architecture?

(a) Singe tiered
(b) Not scalable
(c) On-demand access to resources
(d) Internet/intranet accessible server
(e) Client and server run in the same physical environment

Answer : (c) On-demand access to resources & (d) Internet/intranet accessible server

Question 6 : What is a common design element often found in cloud architectures?

(a) Single tiered
(b) Terminal emulators
(c) Synchronous web services
(d) Asynchronous web services

Answer :  (d) Asynchronous web services

Question 7 : What is a common trait of cloud architectures?

(a) It dictates monolithic application designs.
(b) It must use publicly accessible computing resources
(c) A fixed set of computing resources is pre-allocated to each application
(d) While in operation the application automatically scales up or down based on resource needs.

Answer : (d) While in operation the application automatically scales up or down based on resource needs.

Fill in the Blanks

Question 1 : Four phases within the Cloud Computing Life Cycle (CCLC) are Architect, Engage, ………….. and Refresh.

Answer : operate

Question 2 : The NIST cloud computing reference architecture defines five major actors : Cloud Consumer, …………………… , Cloud Carrier, Cloud Auditor and Cloud Broker.

Answer : Cloud Provider

Question 3 : The intermediary that provides connectivity and transference of cloud services between Cloud Providers and Cloud Consumers is called ………………. .

Answer : cloud carrier

Question 4 : A commitment between a cloud service provider and a client is known as ………………… .

Answer : Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Question 5 : Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is the incorporation of cloud computing into ………………….. the applications.

Answer : mobile device

Cloud Computing Questions and Answers