“Cinema, both entertains and educates the masses”. Express your views either for or against this statement.

“Cinema, both entertains and educates the masses”

For the Motion

Cinema is an extension of our lives. It takes us into a world where we forget our cells for a couple of hours. I surely agree that cinema both entertains and educates us.
The cinema has been a very popular medium of entertainment for all classes of people. This is especially true in case of India where the Bollywood stars are held at a very high Esteem by the common man. Every move they make is watched and every word they speak makes news. Our very lives today are being moulded whether we want it or not, by what we see on the silver screen.
Today cinema has become the most popular and the cheapest means of entertainment. It provides great relaxation for the hardworking labourers who have no other way of entertainment. For a few hours they escape into a different world all together and forget their boos and worries
Besides providing entertainment and amusement cinema also provides a kind of education. By showing on the silver screen the tales of action, adventure stories, lives of great people, as well as of successful men and women in different walks of life, the cinema gives us a taste of every field of life. Moreover, films have the ability to enlighten and enrich our knowledge. The moral impact of films is also noteworthy. Some good Indian movies emphasize on instilling noble values such as the importance of family ties, steadfastness in love, respect for elders, Patriotism, etc. The movies like border, Lagaan, Bhagat Singh have contributed to the growth of national fervour. A movie like Mani ratnam’s Bombay where the Bombay riots of 1991 after the Babri Masjid demolition or reenacted depicts very well what man has made of man in this modern world.
Cinema as an entertainer has a very wide appeal. The movies made in Bollywood are shown not only in India, but also across the world. When a person is mentally and physically tired, he looks forward to a good entertaining movie at the end of the weekend. Thus, we find that cinema has a very constructive impact in a multicultural country like India.
Thank you.

Against the Motion

Today cinema is by no means a source of entertainment and it is certainly does not educated the masses. Today cinema houses are packed with either low class people or with Anti Social elements that go to the cinema only to pass comments, tease the fair sex or to pick a fight.
Today, no decent respectable person wishes to go to the cinema to watch a movie. They would prefer not to have any entertainment at all then to go through the harrowing experience of being pushed around in long queues or to hear the abusive language used.
Cinema is largely responsible for the depravity in society today. The vulgarity and the shameless exposure of the human anatomy have driven the teenagers towards forming an unethical society where all morals have been thrown out of the window. Violence packed films have given on you meaning to violence in society. Today teenagers walk about the guns in there pocket ready to implement what they have witnessed on the silver screen. Children have become disrespectful and disobedient. There was a time when children were afraid of their parents and teachers but today it is the other way around.
Cinema is having a tremendous negative influence on society. It is only not teaching you how to commit the crying but also how to dodge retribution successfully. Ideas are generated in the minds of the young and the restless and then ruthlessly implemented.
Today a poster displaying a man holding the national tricolour would hardly draw an audience, no matter how good the plot and the picturisation of the movie maybe, but us simply dressed beauty would draw enormous crowds even if the movie has no plot. Such is that changed cinema has brought about in the taste of the audience is that changed cinema has brought about in the taste of the audience. Movies with nudity and violence sell while movies on patriotic themes or religious themes become super flops. Cinema has displayed a major role in the degradation of the society and must not be considered means of entertainment or education for the masses.
Thank you.