Children’s Day is celebrated in your school every year. Write what you particularly liked about this year’s celebration. What did you learn from this efforts of those who planned and organised the function? How did you express your gratitude to them?

Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November with great pomp and show throughout the country. All the schools observe this day with lot of fun and frolic.

Like every year, our school celebrated this day but in a different way. The celebration started with the unfurling of the National Flag. The photo of Jawaharlal Nehru was garlanded and many speakers including some selected students spoke on the importance of the day.

What I particularly liked was the practical work. All the senior students were divided into four batches and assigned some work. The first batch who was trade incharge of health and hygiene, took up cleaning of the school premises and made the school environment clean. The second squad, comprising mostly girls, visited the slums. Not only did they clean the slums but also bath to children of the slums.

The combined their hair and dressed them nearly with the new dresses which were a gift from the school. The third squad was the incharge of sports. They conducted sports and games competitions for all the children of the slums.

The fourth squad was the incharge of the cultural games. They went around the slums singing patriotic songs and carrying placards on health, family planning and education.

In the afternoon all the children cam back to the school and enjoyed the cultural show presented by the school teachers.

Primary teachers performed a comedy act which was very funny. They kept forgetting their parts and making up atrociously long dialogues. After that there was a dance performance by some of the senior teachers. Once the function was over, all the students along with the teachers proceeded towards the school lawns where lunch was served.

The principal and teachers had put up great efforts to plan this day. Involving children in social work helped us learn the moral values associated with the development of the nation.

I feel proud to be a part of such a school that aimed at making the unprivileged children feel special. I think this was the best children’s day we have celebrated so far.