“Boarding schools are far better than day schools for the all around education of a child”. Express your views either for or against this statement.

“Boarding schools are far better than day schools for the all around education of a child”

For the Motion

I agree that boarding schools are far better than day schools for the all around education of a child.
Students in a Boarding School so better progress and are supposed to be more disciplined. Further more there are many special helper programs available such as mentor mentee program. The purpose of this program system is to provide guidance to students about academic matters and to Foster a closed and constructive professional relationship between students and the staff of the faculty. While all the lecturers in the faculty or potentially academic advisors to all the students who seek their advice, is teacher which is a mentor, is assigned particular responsibility to a small group of students which are the mentees. In Delhi schools, program like this is less held compared to boarding schools.
Moreover, children will learn to be independent and deal with difficult and tough situations on their own. This will help them grow as an individual and bring out the best in him or her. This is because, students who are in boarding schools are mostly far apart from their parents. They have to stay in the hostels in their school. They usually have to make their own decision to do something, unlike daily school students who always depend on their parents.
Moreover small class size, diverse curricular and individual attention from faculty and Advisors gives students many distinct advantages so that students can focus on their education well. At the same time, the teachers can give more attention to individuals who do not understand about some topics as the number of students in the class are very little. Boarding School reduces compartmentalization, because academic stood studies are blended with other activities, such as Sports. This natural juxtaposition increases the appeal of both pursuit.
Students learn to govern their own behaviour. Parents no longer have to seem like ogres or nags. Also in many cases student appreciation for parents greatly increases.
As the conclusion, I want to emphasize that boarding schools are better than the normal day schools because it produces individuals who can tackle the real world weather there attitude and discipline determine success.

Against the Motion

In my opinion, Play Schools are better than boarding schools.
Many days schools offer co education facilities and this is an important requirement in terms of today’s world. Interacting with the opposite sex in the early years will enable children to be comfortable in the presence of the opposite sex when they reach stage where they might have to work alongside them in an official environment. Although there may be a few boarding schools that offer to education, day schools clearly outnumber the boarding schools doing this and Co education in day schools is a much more accepted and existent structure, specially in India.
Day schools are preferred option as they are much less expensive than a boarding school. Tuition fees in day schools are cheaper. Most of the good quality day schools are relatively cheaper than boarding schools and this is another reason why parents of for days schools over boarding schools. Day schools allowed parents to admit students in private tuitions of their choice as well , in case there children need extra coaching. Most boarding schools in India have fees that are a bit exorbitant, and unless parents are willing to find a new experience and style of education for their children, most average Indian parents prefer day schools.
More over if children are used to the Comforts at home, then they might find it difficult to survive in a boarding school. Day schools enable the children to relax a bit more than boarding schools. In a boarding school, students are required to take part in many events and many students find it difficult to deal with this schedule.
Furthermore in case of any sickness or injury, parents can be with their children immediately if they are admitted in a day school. Some children require parents to be constantly by their side, especially if something untoward happens.
Thank you.