A school carnival or fete is a great occasion for fun with friends. Describe one such event in your school.

The word ‘carnival’ itself brings forth tremendous excitement in the hearts of kids and adults alike. The word spells enjoyment and an occasion of fun with friends and family. Every alternate year our school organises a carnival for us students, our families and friends. It is indeed a great occasion for all to get together and enjoy.

This year our school organised the carnival in the month of December and aptly called it the ‘Christmas Carnival’. A lot of preparations and hard labour went into making this carnival a successful event.

This year we had fifteen games stalls and seventeen food stalls. The junior and senior students were divided into groups and deployed at each stall in such an organised manner that they not only got an opportunity to shoulder the responsibility of the stall but also got time to visit other stalls and enjoy the carnival along with their friends.

Amongst the games stalls, the most popular ones were Nine Pins, Ring the Duck, Shoot the Basket, Test of Strength etc. However the greatest attraction was The Golden Goal stall where one had to kick a football into a three foot ring suspended in air. The stall grossed the highest amount amongst the games stalls.

A large variety of fast food items were served at the various food stalls. The best part of these food stalls was that the prices were kept quite reasonable as compared to the market prices unlike other school carnivals where the prices were almost doubled. There was a perpetual rush at the ‘Chaat’ stall, the ‘Pakoras’ stall and the ‘Dosa’ stall. Non-vegetarian items were not served. The coffee stall also turned out to be a huge favourite. As the evening progressed and the chill increased, everybody wanted to grab a coffee.

The people also enjoyed many rounds of ‘Housie’ while many of the senior students interacted with the crowds in the guise of clowns and other cartoon figures and enthralled the little kids.

The carnival came to an end late in the evening with the prizes for the ‘Lucky Draw’ being announced. The first prize was an LCD Television and was won by a student of class VI. The second prize was a 230 litre refrigerator and the third prize was a Samsung Washing Machine. There were also ten consolation prizes which consisted of ten Titan wrist watches. This year the carnival was a grand success with a record breaking fifteen thousand people attending the event. Hats off to our dedicated team of teachers and the able guidance of our Principal.