A company has been marketing spurious medicines behind claims that its product could be effective in preventing avian flu or other forms of influenza. Write a letter to the Drug Controller General of the Directorate of Health Services, examining the claim of the company and explaining the harm these kind of claims could cause.

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Andheri West


2nd December, 2019

The Drug Controller General

Directorate of Health Services


Subject     Marketing of Spurious Medicines


I wish to draw your attention towards the marketing of a spurious medicine – ‘Oxeprazole capsules and injections’ by Collective Pharmaceuticals India Ltd. It claims that these medicines are effective in preventing the avian flu and also other forms of influenza. Such huge claims have attracted the doctors who are really prescribing these medicines to their patients.

Many patients of the avian flu have used these medicines and their condition has further deteriorated. Some of them have developed severe side effects. Many have even been on the brink of losing their lives.

I, therefore, request you to thoroughly examine the claims of this company and prevent any more such medicines from flooding the markets so that innocent lives may be spared. Moreover, a ban should be issued on the production of more such medicines. Your immediate action in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Deepa Mehta